We offer profit opportunities for accredited investors, cash liquidity for verified business owners, & the platform to enable you to become a digital entrepreneur.

What Is

We are an application-based online business marketplace for top level investors & owners.

  • Liquidity for business owners

    Through listing your business on our platform, you get to take advantage of our network of thousands of accredited investors. Via our site, we vet buyer identity, bank accounts, & more to ensure that no one will waste your time.
  • Vetted cashflows for investors

    All listings on our site have been personally selected and verified to make sure that only the highest quality are shown. Seller financial and web traffic data is independently verified to save you time.
  • Platform of mutual benefit

    Through our vetting & packaging of each cashflow stream we list, we are able to garner above-market prices for our sellers while getting above-market IRRs for our buyers, providing a service in benefit of everyone involved.
How We Operate
Depending on if you are a buyer or seller, we have an individualized process for you.
  • Buyers
    Buying A Business

    Visit our marketplace to find a online business that fits your needs. From passive investments to more involved assets, we have something for every type of buyer. See a business you like? Uncover the listing to see full details on everything you need to review your potential purchase: URL, Google Analytics, Profit & Loss Statement, etc.

  • Sellers
    Selling Your Business

    Interested to sell your business? Start off by trying out our instant appraisal tool which allows you to see what your business may be worth. If you like the number it produces, apply to list your business with us and get the chance to be included on our exclusive site.

How do our offerings hit the standard of passive income?

Unlike traditional online business marketplaces, we vet every single business that we see so that all listings on the site are of the up most quality and value. We have the highest tech software to be able to vet buyers and sellers to provide a marketplace of the highest transparency and efficiency. We are in business brokerage for the long term and operate with the idea that all clients we have (both business owners and investors) will be use us again. Try us out in however small or large way you want, we promise you won't regret it.

  • 01.

    Profitable Businesses

    We only list high quality online businesses that have a long track record of showing current & future profit.
  • 02.

    Verified Data

    We vet all owners, websites, & business assets to make sure that all historical revenue, profit, and traffic analytics are correct.
  • 03.

    Hands-Off Niches

    All online properties listed are in hands-off niches that do not require any physical presence nor any active management.

Have an Online Business to Sell?

Check out the online tools below to sell or value your business