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We seamlessly execute strategic, synergistic, & value-creating business sales & acquisitions through the right combination of people, process, & distribution.


Our Newest Offerings

Updated weekly, here is the most recent list of businesses that we have for sale.

What Is

We are an invite-only investment banking firm, comprised of serial entrepreneurs, who specialize in selling Apps, Marketplaces, SaaS platforms, & more from $500k-100M+ in revenue.

  • Exits for Successful Owners

    Through having your business be represented by, you get to take advantage of our network of thousands of accredited investors to maximize your business value via an exit. Via our people, process, and network, we handle every aspect of the business listing process to make it seamless for you to make the exit of your career.
  • Vetted Acquisitions for PE Funds + Strategic Buyers

    All offerings on our site have been personally selected and verified to make sure that only the highest quality are shown. Seller financial and web traffic data (in addition to all other important listing claims) are independently verified to make sure you are confident in your acquisition. Full due diligence will take place after LOI is signed.
  • Full Service Ecosystem for Mutual Benefit

    Through our full service process, we create a platform where both parties (investors and owners) benefit from a seamless M&A experience. We handle valuations, due diligence, term negotiation, escrow, migrations, & more so that you don't have to.
How We Operate
Depending on if you are a buyer or seller, we have an individualized process for you.
  • Buyers
    M&A Offerings Suited for Private Equity Funds, Strategic Buyers, and Accredited Individuals

    Visit our marketplace to find a online business that fits your needs. From passive investments to more involved business systems, we have something to fit every type of acquirer (regardless of whether you are a strategic buyer, private equity fund, or serial entrepreneur). See a business you like? Uncover the listing to see full details on everything you need to review your potential purchase: URL, Google Analytics, Profit & Loss Statement, etc. Looking for a bigger deal? Contact our team to see what we have available.

  • Sellers
    Get an offer for your business (where there wasn't one before)

    Interested to sell your business? Get assigned your own FIH representative via clicking the sell-your-business button in the top right corner. At that point, we will review your basic details and if you look like a fit, we will schedule a call to talk through potential sale options and steps moving forward. Apply to list your business with us and get the chance to be represented by the team that knows SaaS, eCommerce, and digital media best!

What are the qualifications for being represented by FIH?

Because our model is purely commmisison-based, we have a emphasis on being selective about the businesses that we choose to represent. We focus solely on technology businesses with over 1M, that 1) have reliable future cashflows that are differentiated by their brand and history, 2) can be run successfully around the world , & 3) have verified historical data with main revenue streams executed by platform/process/partnerships and not primarily by people/team/agency.

  • 01.

    Established Businesses

    We only represent high quality technology platforms for sale that are at least 2 years old with a minimum of 500k USD in revenue a year.
  • 02.

    Verified Data

    We vet all owners, websites, & business assets to make sure that all financials, operational data, and traffic analytics are correct so that you don't have to worry about wasting your time with sketchy listings.
  • 03.

    Scalable Niches

    All online businesses listed are in scalable niches that do not require any physical presence and can be managed around the world. The 3 sectors that we focus on the most are SaaS, digital media, and eCommerce.

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