Niche: Travel

Monetization: Affiliate Program, Display Advertising, Google Adsense
Location: Italy
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Listing Summary


Tuscany is one of the most romantic, historic, and sought-after regions in Italy. The natural beauty of the landscape, the exquisite gastronomy, and the world-renowned wineries is a magnetic draw for visitors from around the globe. More than €40 Billion is spent by international visitors. Annually, over 100 Million visitors make the pilgrimage to Tuscany.

There is only one site, for what is one of the most visited and searched for locations on the planet. The opportunities are immense and endless.

Our site is THE brand for the Tuscany region. There can be no other site like it. It is the name, the implicit source of knowledge, the explicit destination, and it will own Tuscan travel over time. It may also own Tuscan ecommerce over time. And Tuscan advertising. It can become the center of the Tuscany community over time. As well as the focal point for Tuscany destination travel.


We are an online travel company that started in 2018. This site was to be our 3rd launched site as part of our global rollout when COVID hit the region.

We decided to create the technology platform and build our systems and plans for the eventual opening of travel across the world. This platform has 4 revenue models built in from scratch, we launched with the first one (automated travel bookings). Two months ago we launched the website, and we have started scaling our model. 

The opportunity to walk in and take over this growth and take advantage of the pending market boom we have experienced here in Australia and also the upside from multiple high margin revenue opportunities is immense.

As one of the first main regions to be hurt by COVID, it is also now coming out of COVID and local domestic Europeans are flocking to the region again. The pent up demand and eventual International travel will be for the benefit of a savvy buyer to take advantage of this time.


You will know what the value of this brand is. You are buying a complete platform from a team who has proven what it can do in much smaller markets, and take advantage of the massive pent up demand and the gradual international travel boom that will also follow. 

We will show you how in 18 months we took a location with only 10 million visitors annually compared to the 100 million Tuscany received and took revenue with 2 of our 4 revenue models from zero to $5 Million dollars. 


Website: An adaptive website for desktop, tablet and mobile

The platform uses the latest Elementor Pro version 3.11 platform for Wordpress.  This platform was chosen for its quality, global use and recognition and support and also because it enabled us to build the website using its open-source tool,  add extensive APIs and plugins and develop our own templates and widgets.

There are approx 50 unique, custom designed templates and widgets that create a full travel website. Additional templates like Team, Partner With Us, Media, Advertise with us, About Tuscany have been developed but are not live, as well as long form media rich content pages.


AWS hosting infrastructure - Amazon medium servers with Ubuntu: We use Amazon (AWS EC2) servers for hosting and amazon MySQL database (RDS Aurora) + its protected against DDoS and malicious requests (via CloudFlare DNS).

The site assets are also stored on Amazon (AWS S3) with CDN for better performance across the globe (via Cloudfront).

Dynamic cloud based hosting allows for efficiency and real time adaptation to the workload by automatically increasing the number of web-servers when the load / number of users exceeds a certain threshold and shutting unused instances when the number of users is low.


The existing, live website comes with the following functionality:

  1. Search and refining results
  2. Parallax images
  3. Infinity scroll and pagination
  4. Contact us Forms and Zoho CRM form integration
  5. Mega menu
  6. Platform/device adaptive
  7. Custom build auto generated content machine
  8. Multimedia functionality including:  image, gif, video, audio, 3D video, parallax


The live website has the following active third party plugins:

    1. Vimeo - for video (
    2. Google maps - for live interactive Google maps
    3. Google places - for content images and point data
    4. Instagram Integration - Instagram Ffed WP plugin
    5. SEO - Yoast Premium for SEO
    6. Image optimiser


  1. Hotel search/availability Wotif API
  2. Car Hire Wotif API
  3. Rezdy experiences API
  4. Viator experiences API
  5. Skyscanner airlines API


(Fully developed and tested but not yet launched on this platform)


This feature enables the platform to sell whitelabelled - our site email address ie which allows an individual to choose their own unique, and personal email identity.

Offers data security through secure, encrypted access to POP3, IMAP and SMTP to ensure the content of your email messages are kept as secure as possible.

A mailbox and data storage - A secure personal mailbox so you can easily send and receive emails, filter, archive and sort. Access emails on all devices including your phone.


Full set of adaptive magazine templates for a premium long form content which include:

  1. Magazine Home
  2. Magazine index
  3. Article page ( multiple variations)
  4. Flip book functionality


Fixed price packages with shopping cart - using Checkout store front.

This allows creation of custom packages with the ability to and collect payment directly online via Stripe payment platform


Ground breaking, custom built content generator tool that has been developed to create quality, google indexable content which involves 4 modules:

  1. Data scraping of predetermined third party sites
  2. UI to manage and process the scraped data 
  3. Content analysis/generation module which rewrites unique content according to predetermined criteria such as length, language, sub topics, no of time keywords repeated
  4. Automatically publishing/creating a draft output of new content on Wordpress platform

This can be used in two ways:

  1. Automatically paraphrasing existing content from one source and publishing for mass content creation 
  2. Generating new unique content from multiple third party sources to create new, unique content that can be edited and published via a content creator/editor to produce fast, high quality unique and SEO optimized content


Set up of customer database, the booking journey and email followup automation


Set up of live chat bot on the site



  1. Website Launched 15 July and has been live under 2 months 
  2. Average page position for the site is 47.5
  3. As of August - google has crawled and indexed 11,341 pages which we will start to see ranking over the coming months.
  4. There are 90 referring pages
  5. 101 backlinks to the site
  6. August (last Month) there were 484 users with 54% of then from organic SEO and 48% direct
  7. August (last Month) delivered 17,900 page impressions


Cross linking with other Adventure Bay Travel sites

Written content strategy for top 200 pages for Tuscany

  • Business Created

    January, 2018 - (3 years 9 months old)

  • Assets Included in the Sale

    The following are included in the sale of this business:

  • Domains
  • Social media account
  • Lifetime access to the custom code base we created for the website
  • Lifetime access to our custom AI content software
  • Full handover including our roadmap to success we have implemented with our other properties's BRAG Rating

Breakdown of Ratings
  • Brand Reputation
  • 1.90/2.5
  • Risk Profile
  • 1.60/2.5
  • Asset Value
  • 1.80/2.5
  • Growth Potential
  • 1.70/2.5

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We are selling for one primary reason. We have been overwhelmed by the growth in our Australian business which has in spite of COVID and lockdowns and ZERO international travel in the first 12 months 30+% including complete lockdowns and now over 100%. This pent up demand is EXACTLY what is happening in Italy. We have decided to focus exclusively on Australia for the next 3-5 years.

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This is for someone who immediately recognises the brand value and what we have already brought to the table along with this roadmap.

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