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Monetization: Business Coaching/Courses, Membership Model
Location: United States
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    Listing Number

  • $75,000

    Listing Price

  • $2,892

    Monthly Revenue

  • $2,788

    Monthly Net Profit

  • 60.89%

    Cashflow Volatility

  • 44.61%

    Cash Yield

Listing Summary

What does your business do?

Our business is an online platform/community which enables non-technical founders to build a website with no-code technology. We focus on one primary piece of software (Bubble) which is the leading no-code technology in the market.

Key Highlights

85-90% profit margins

Revenue stream = monthly, lifetime, one-off sales

Online business; highly automated

Could grow tremendously with marketing

What do you have to do and how many hours does it take to run it?

Time commitment = roughly 4-6 hrs/week. Depending on how fast you want the business to grow.

How does your business make money?

We make money by charging either monthly subscription fees or lifetime access. In addition, we have various upsells such as 1-on-1 coaching sessions and group classes.


99% of our customers have come organically or through word of mouth. We have spent >$250 on paid marketing.

Currently, we have about 3,500 users signed up to the platform (not all paid). We acquire users through social media platforms and word of mouth. Many members are repeat customers (high retention rate). In the case of 1-on-1 sessions, we've noticed that once a customer starts these calls with us, they typically stay throughout the life cycle of building their app.

  • Business Created

    August, 2019 - (2 years 4 months old)

  • Assets Included in the Sale

    The following are included in the sale of this business:

  • Domains
  • Social media accounts
  • Brand assets (logos, etc.)
  • Unique content
  • Email address
  • Email subscriber list
  • Custom technology
  • Unique design's BRAG Rating

Breakdown of Ratings
  • Brand Reputation
  • 1.90/2.5
  • Risk Profile
  • 1.60/2.5
  • Asset Value
  • 1.70/2.5
  • Growth Potential
  • 2.00/2.5


  • Average Revenue: $
  • Total Revenue:  $
  • Average Profit: $
  • Total Profit: $


Page View:
  • Average Pageviews: 
  • Total Pageviews: 
  • Average Visitors: 
  • Total Visitors: 

Social Media Channels

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Work & Skills Required

Other Information

Newly added classes product offering for small group-sized classes. Most of our revenue comes from our tutorials. You can exponentially grow this business by adding more product offerings and keying in on marketing. We are not experts in paid advertising, and in doing so you can grow the business much more so.

Seller Support Includes

I can provide support for 6 months after the sale. If needed, I can help work part-time for changes/additions needed.

Reason for Sale

I could no longer spend enough time on the business.

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