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Monetization: Affiliate Program, Display Advertising, Google Adsense
Location: United States
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  • #2865170

    Listing Number

  • $295,000

    Listing Price

  • $33,438

    Monthly Revenue

  • $20,714

    Monthly Net Profit

  • 64.39%

    Cashflow Volatility

  • 84.26%

    Cash Yield

Listing Summary

Executive Summary

This online media company is positioned for further growth, providing engaging content to millions of users across our global web properties. After acquiring these established properties, the company has strategically increased its user base by providing superior content in the latest lifestyle & fashion trends resulting in exponential revenue growth. The sale of this online media company consists of five related media properties.

How does your business make money?

We monetize with Connatix as our video demand partner across all our properties. We have forged a successful relationship with them as they have secured premium demand for all our properties that we onboard with their network. In turn, traffic inventory is monetized for its true value at a premium rate with high RPMs in the industry.


The business is fully automated with contractors managing the business in its entirety. The current owners collectively spend roughly 5-10 hours a week managing the outsourced team making sure the developer is optimizing the sites and writers are generating relevant content. 

Performance reports are created and optimized weekly by existing resources to sustain the most revenue from these demand partnerships.

The Package

Complete transfer and ownership of the following assets for each property, respectively:

Domains: five domains, website designs, content, files, and database

Server infrastructure and resources: writers & developer

Corporate website:

Traffic supply relationships

Advertising network relationships

Users are primarily generated through search, contextual, in-content, and domain parking media buys, which are facilitated.

  • Business Created

    October, 2020 - (1 year 2 months old)

  • Assets Included in the Sale

    The following are included in the sale of this business:

  • Domains
  • Brand assets (logos, etc.)
  • Unique content
  • Supplier contracts
  • Unique design's BRAG Rating

Breakdown of Ratings
  • Brand Reputation
  • 2.10/2.5
  • Risk Profile
  • 1.70/2.5
  • Asset Value
  • 1.80/2.5
  • Growth Potential
  • 1.90/2.5


  • Average Revenue: $
  • Total Revenue:  $
  • Average Profit: $
  • Total Profit: $

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Work & Skills Required

Other Information

Seller Support Includes

We can provide up to two months post-sales support.

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