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Location: Netherlands
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Listing Summary

What does your business do?

Our business was founded in 2018 to discover regional trips for women in their 30's and 40's.

Today we reach 50,000 people a month just from SEO in the Netherlands with a monthly growth without any marketing efforts. Our website is built as a multilingual site. The platform is already equipped for the German and Belgian markets. If you are somewhat familiar with the German and English markets, it’s easy to start scaling in Europe.

How does your business make money?

We haven't yet tapped into social media like Facebook and Instagram, so there is lots of room to improve here.

We only write blogs when we can cover the costs of it. We offer the leisure entrepreneur the opportunity to buy a one-year entry in the blog (€129 for the first place, €79 for the second, and €39 for the other places). Once the blogs entries are sold, we have a team of freelance bloggers that can write a blog article within a week. You only have to upload the blogs and manage the bloggers.

Recently, we also started selling yearly subscriptions. This includes a single blog post for the entrepreneur to tell their company story and 3 entries in regular blogs. These we sell for €220 and will be renewed after one year.

We haven't tapped into AdSense or affiliate marketing yet.

  • Business Created

    May, 2018 - (3 years 7 months old)

  • Assets Included in the Sale

    The following are included in the sale of this business:

  • Brand assets
  • Custom technology
  • Customer databases
  • Domains
  • Hosting accounts
  • Relevant email accounts
  • Website files, source code, and content
  • Google AdWords's BRAG Rating

Breakdown of Ratings
  • Brand Reputation
  • 1.90/2.5
  • Risk Profile
  • 1.60/2.5
  • Asset Value
  • 1.80/2.5
  • Growth Potential
  • 1.90/2.5


  • Average Revenue: $
  • Total Revenue:  $
  • Average Profit: $
  • Total Profit: $


Page View:
  • Average Pageviews: 
  • Total Pageviews: 
  • Average Visitors: 
  • Total Visitors: 

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Other Information

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Reason for Sale

Why are you selling this business?

We are selling this company because the founders have lots on their plates in their other businesses. This started as a side-project. However, our main businesses take much time, and it deserves more well-deserved attention, which we cannot give, especially now during the COVID-19 crisis.

We've seen quite a dip in visitors in March from organic traffic (local lockdown). The organic traffic is climbing up however.

The turnover has dipped since the corona crises. We are applying for a subsidy right now, which can make up for a bit. With a bit more attention, we are sure however you should be able to expand with other business models rapidly.

Buyers Profiles

Who would this business be perfect for?

If you have an affinity with the leisure industry and content marketing, and want to make a steady income, this is the business for you.

If you want to spend a maximum of 8 hours a week, you should use the network of freelance bloggers and hire a sales-commission content manager.

If you want to accelerate the platform's growth, it's a question of the right marketing efforts.

The platform is ready to scale and has lots of opportunities to (internationally) expand. By buying our business, you buy the platform, the technology, and the content (350 blogs) as well as the mailing list, which consists of 13,000 leisure entrepreneurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by the Seller

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