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Monetization: Affiliate Program, Amazon Associates, Display Advertising, Shopify
Location: United States
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  • $225,000

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  • $2,718

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Listing Summary


Our website helps readers find the perfect hang. A drop-shipping site turned Amazon affiliate in the Hammock industry, it is ready for the right owner to turbocharge it’s growth.

Why’s it so great?

1) A growing market - Hammock sales have been on fire since the Covid-19 pandemic.

2) SEO gold - Our link profile is immaculate. Washington Post, Porch, Hotpads, and are just a few of the domains we’ve landed. All links are built naturally without a hint of greyhat - a rare thing in the affiliate world.

3) Built for ecomm or affiliate - The choice is yours. The site is built on Shopify, so it’s ready to be a profitable eCommerce site. Or just keep running it as an affiliate site.

4) Diversified traffic source - Unlike most affiliate sites which rely on Google, it gets boatloads of traffic from Pinterest without even trying. Instagram is wide open for the taking, too.

5) Large email list we haven’t even started marketing to.

6) It runs itself - Our virtual assistant will stay on with the business and knows how to literally run every part of it.


This business basically runs itself.  We have a virtual assistant who has been working with the site since the beginning who will stay on.

Customer acquisition

All of our customers come from free traffic sources, namely organic search and Pinterest. 

We haven't spent a dime on advertising, or even attempted to appear in Google shopping.


Primary expenses: Software ($55/month) and Virtual assistant ($490/month)

  • Business Created

    September, 2014 - (7 years 3 months old)

  • Assets Included in the Sale

    The following are included in the sale of this business:

  • Domains
  • Email address and social media accounts
  • Email subscriber list
  • Unique content
  • Brand assets (logos, etc)
  • Unique design's BRAG Rating

Breakdown of Ratings
  • Brand Reputation
  • 1.70/2.5
  • Risk Profile
  • 1.60/2.5
  • Asset Value
  • 1.80/2.5
  • Growth Potential
  • 2.00/2.5


  • Average Revenue: $
  • Total Revenue:  $
  • Average Profit: $
  • Total Profit: $


Page View:
  • Average Pageviews: 
  • Total Pageviews: 
  • Average Visitors: 
  • Total Visitors: 

Social Media Channels

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Work & Skills Required

Other Information

Areas for improvement

As both partners currently have much larger projects, the site is far from optimized. Here are a few things we think can get at least 5-10x the revenue from the site:

- Internal linking: Doing so between category pages, and also from category pages we want to boost from the homepage and blog. Haven’t really touched much of this.

- Content prune: Been wanting to do this for a LONG time, but never got around to it. Basically if you are able to 404 or deindex the ~30% of pages that account for <2>

- Fixing up aesthetics on category pages: Currently the pages look a bit janky. Boxes are not aligned, some fonts are tough to read. I have to imagine this will help CTRs to Amazon and potentially SEO.

- Custom text on high value category pages: Adding custom hand-written text on the category pages definitely helps SEO, but I also think it could be done in a way that would help clickthroughs. Instead of a bunch of products being shown, some explanation around which are the best products for whom I think will really help CTR and conversion rate. I’ve seen CTRs to Amazon as high as 50%, and I think we’re around 25% on. category pages.

- Adding categories: Recently I did a project where I pulled every hammock-related keyword that Amazon and Wayfair are ranking for, and this site is not. There’s a lot more than I would have thought. Our VA is working through the massive list now, which I can definitely share.

- ‘Best of’ review posts: These rank very well and have great CTRs.  

- Changing the comparison widget or layout of the ‘best of’ articles: Our CTR to amazon on ‘best of’ pieces is 30.3% (for April). I have a template that I know for a fact has CTR to ~50% from another site I looked at that I’ll share with you.

- Title tag testing: I have a strong theory that changing the title tag template to have a bit more hyped up text will increase traffic, though you’d have to test it out. Most of the title tags are pretty bland and generic, compared to Wayfair’s "Hanging Chairs You’ll Love in 2021."

- FAQ markup: Same as above, but adding computer generated FAQ.

- Computer generated facts and text: Creating a bit more uniqueness on each category page by adding fields like Average Warranty, Average Weight, Most Common Material, etc. We did this on another site with great success.

Seller Support Includes

We'll provide plenty of support for 3 months post-sale.

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