Predictably invest in businesses without the hassle or expense of managing them Financing is the first P2P lending platform for online business acquisitions - our groundbreaking platform finally solves the age-old funding gap for international buyers/sellers & asset-light online businesses through offering high interest payments for lenders along with fair non-recourse funding for acquirers. See some of our current investment opportunities below.

Buying, selling, or brokering an online business? Get pre-approved for funding on it!

FIH Funding finances acquisition deals for eCommerce, SaaS, & Digital Media businesses priced from $50k-$100M+.
Through our full time legal, strategy, technology, & operations personnel combined with our active investor network, we can fund deals in as little as 48 hours.
Unlike hard-money lenders, we offer non-recourse funding not tied to what assets you own but to the value of the business itself.
Unlike traditional banks, we work with buyers, sellers, & investors around the world because we know people outside of the US need us most.
No matter if you have a business you want to buy or sell OR if you already have an acquisition put together and just need funding, FIH has the solution for you.
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3 listing found

Industry Loan Type Loan Term Acquirer Contribution Net Profit Revenue Business Age
Retreat Booking Business Acquisition Loan 5 Years $65,000 $100,000 $260,000 9 Years View Opportunity
  • 6% Net Interest for Lender
    30.7% IRR for Acquirer
  • Fund Acquisition Funding Amount: $260,000
Digital Media Tarot Card Website Acquisition Loan 36 Months $200,000 $189,000 $200,000 10 Years View Opportunity
  • 13% Net Interest for Lender
    31.5% IRR for Acquirer
  • Fund Acquisition Funding Amount: $400,000
Education Call Center Acquisition Loan 60 Months $1M $1.7M/year $7M/year 12 Years View Opportunity
  • 10% Net Interest for Lender
    27.2% IRR for Acquirer
  • Fund Acquisition Funding Amount: $5.25M

Interested in a fully diversified passive investing opportunity?

Dozens of low multiple eCommerce, Saas, & Digital Media business acquisition loans packaged together for a predictable +/- 10% return.

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