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What are the qualifications for being represented by FIH?

Because our model is purely commmisison-based, we have a emphasis on being selective about the businesses that we choose to represent. We focus solely on technology businesses with over 1M, that 1) have reliable future cashflows that are differentiated by their brand and history, 2) can be run successfully around the world , & 3) have verified historical data with main revenue streams executed by platform/process/partnerships and not primarily by people/team/agency.

  • 01.

    Established Businesses

    We only represent high quality technology platforms for sale that are at least 2 years old with a minimum of 500k USD in revenue a year.
  • 02.

    Verified Data

    We vet all owners, websites, & business assets to make sure that all financials, operational data, and traffic analytics are correct so that you don't have to worry about wasting your time with sketchy listings.
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    Scalable Niches

    All online businesses listed are in scalable niches that do not require any physical presence and can be managed around the world. The 3 sectors that we focus on the most are SaaS, digital media, and eCommerce.

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