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What are the qualifications for listing at FIH?

Unlike traditional online business marketplaces, we utilize advanced technology to individually vet each business (& business-owner) we list on the site to make sure that each listing: 1) has reliable future cashflows with minimal risk of loss, 2) can be run successfully around the world , & 3) has verified historical data setup with automated payouts so it doesn't take much work to keep it cash-flowing. - the first marketplace allowing you to find, invest, & hold profitable online businesses without the hassle of managing them.

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    Profitable Businesses

    We only list high quality online businesses that have a long track record of showing current & future profit.
  • 02.

    Verified Data

    We vet all owners, websites, & business assets to make sure that all historical revenue, profit, and traffic analytics are correct.
  • 03.

    Remotely Managed

    All online properties listed are in hands-off niches that do not require any physical presence and can be managed around the world.

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