Confidential Sell-Side + Buy-Side M&A Representation

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No-Retainer M&A Advising
If you are considering buying or selling a business above $4M in value, the truth is that our marketplace might not be the best place to do it - that is why we have our professional services division which has its own dedicated team for assisting in more exclusive high value businesses. is not just a high technology M&A platform for small-medium sized deals - we are here to enable seamless, value-creating transactions of all sizes.
If timed & executed correctly, an M&A deal provides one of the biggest opportunities for value creation. Through a strategic sale, a given business realizes the value hidden away in it through letting a new owner optimize it. On the other side, a cunning acquisition can be a quick path to growth as each company provides synergies to another.
Why choose for your M&A advising work?
  • Full Service Team— Our team of experienced legal, accounting, finance, marketing, & strategy personnel know all of the considerations of running, scaling, & merging all types of companies.
  • 3-5% Fees + No Retainer— Unlike many other M&A advisors, we confident enough in our services that we don't require any retainer or any sort of up-front fee - all of our fees are structured on success so that you either have results or our services are free.
  • Synergy Focused— We pride ourselves in seamless unbureaucratic success-based advising so that you get the end result via a synergistic sale or acquisition.
  • Trusted 3rd Party— Our experience dealing with hundreds of other successful businesses gives us the unique 3rd party perspective to understand options for your business that even the most incentive consultants couldn't think of.
Here is a non-exclusive list of M&A services included in all deals:
  • M&A Strategy
  • Valuations
  • Pre-Sale Optimization
  • Buyer & Seller Sourcing
  • Due Diligence
  • Term Negotiation
  • 3rd Party Escrow
  • Post-Sale Integration
What are the qualifications of using our exclusive M&A Team?
You are considering an business transaction between $4M-$100M+ in value.
You're business is within or looking to expand into the following sectors: eCommerce, Digital Content, or SaaS.
Your company is considering an acquisition or a sale and want to enlist the help of a expert 3rd party.
You want pre-deal or post-deal support to maximize the value of your transaction and make sure it's a seamless process.

- If interested to learn more or see if you are a fit for advising from our team, please schedule a call below -