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  • RJ Russell [Serial Entrepreneur]
    6th April 2021

    “I have tried many brokers over the last decade when buying or selling internet property online. Fih.com's team are as good as it gets in terms of navigating those challenging moments of a 6 figure deal and just finding a way to reach that elusive agreement between buyer and seller. Beyond that, they is the most accessible broker I have ever used. I have always appreciated their willingness to entertain potential deals across the entire value spectrum. We have done three deals together already and I no longer even bother looking around for another broker when I have an asset to move. My first thought is to contact them and I know that if there is a deal to be made that they'll find a way to get it done.”

  • Renee Johnson ['Intrapreneur' + NewsReports.com Buyer]
    22nd April 2021

    “We were looking for a news website for an upcoming project when we found the perfect business that [Fih.com] had listed, NewsReports.com. After only a couple messages, the deal was finalized and executed without a hitch.... and the domain & website was in our account within only a couple days. Can't recommend buying from them enough!”

  • Brendan W. [Serial Investor]
    21st May 2021

    We recently purchased a website (with a four letter one word .com domain) from the team at FIH.  While we have purchased several digital assets from them previously, this was the first website business purchase we have made with him.  From initial negotiation to the final delivery of the website and ad accounts, they expertly managed the entire process.  There are complexities with a website transfer you do not want to leave to chance with an inexperienced broker so I am glad to have had them to guide the process.

  • Steen H. [Investor, Level2, LLC + Bisexual.com Buyer]
    24th May 2021

    "Having been a [Fih.com] email newsletter subscriber for some time I thought I would reach out with my specific 'revenue generating' buy-request. Our needs were unique and rather specific so I was surprised when [their] team was able to present several deals to us within a matter of days. We ended up purchasing three of the offerings presented to us and can attest that from start the finish the team handled everything professionally. We continue to remain in contact and look forward to our future deals together. Highly recommended."